County road maintenance continues thanks to mild weather

Two roads in Henry County are being reclassified as Class C to reduce the level of necessary maintenance.

The roads will no longer be routinely maintained by the Henry County Engineer at the request of homeowners who live along these streets. The first road is 295th Street from the intersection of Fremont going east to the end of 295th Street. The second road is 320th Street from the east of Nebraska Road to the end of County Road. These two locations will be gated off reclassified as Class C roads.

Essentially, this means that the roads will be maintained by the landowners. No one from the Henry County Engineer?s office will do maintenance unless there is a request from the landowner, Henry County Engineer Jake Hotchkiss said during the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 12.

Although it?s getting colder, Hotchkiss reported to supervisors that the department is continuing to get work done they wouldn?t usually at the end of the year with snow becoming an issue. Such work includes grinding bumps, installing crossroad pipe and working on the ditching project along 260th Street. The county also will begin improvement at the intersection of 140th and Dakota Avenue.

The sign reflectivity project, which is done every other year, will resume in the spring.