County residents can expect voter registration cards in the mail

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


Residents in Henry County who do not have an Iowa driver?s license or Iowa-issued non-operator ID from the DOT can expect a voter registration card in the mail from the Secretary of State?s office within the next week.

These cards are to scan when using the electronic voting polls in Henry County elections, ensuring people without Iowa IDs are in the voting system, Henry County Auditor Shelly Barber said during the Board of Supervisors meeting on Thursday, Dec. 7. New voter registration cards are still sent to people who come in to change their address.

For those looking to get their Iowa driver?s license, the Mt. Pleasant DOT received two new testing PCs for drivers licensing from the Iowa DOT. Henry County Treasurer Ana Lair said the computers were ?desperately needed.? ?They will help a lot so people don?t have to wait to test and we will be using both of them frequently,? she said.

Lair also expects inventory for new license plates fairly soon. As license plates get older, she said she believes the new ones will be issued; however, the present inventory will be used first.

In other news, two new cabins being built at Henry County Conservation have been completed with basements and floors beginning to be laid, Executive Director John Pullis reported.

Pullis also said that naturalists at the Conservation have been ?extremely busy,? putting on programs both at the Conservation and in the schools.

The Nature Center served as a host site in November for the Environmental Protection Commissioners. Visitors from other conservation centers around Iowa expressed their envy of Henry County?s Nature Center, saying ?Why don?t we have something like this,? Pullis relayed.

?I just pointed out to them that their own publication ?Iowa Outdoors? wrote an article about our nature center saying it?s probably the best in the state,? Pullis said.