County applying for Substance Abuse Prevention Grant; requires actively working with Public Health

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


The county is in the process of submitting an application for a Substance Abuse Prevention Grant, with which they would have to work actively with Public Health.

Sarah Berndt, Coordinator of Disability Services through the county, wanted to draw supervisors? attention during the Board of Supervisors meeting on Thursday, March 22, to this stipulation in the grant.

?We?re not necessarily actively working with them (right now),? Berndt said.

Turning to supervisor Greg Moeller, who is on the Board of Health, Berndt asked him to bring this up during the regular Board of Health meeting next week.

The deadline for the grant is April 3.

As supervisors prepare for Public Health to become a department under the county starting July 1, they approved cleaning services for the space Public Health will be renting on the Henry County Health Center (HCHC) campus, where they are currently located. Cleaning will take place twice a week for $378 a month.

Supervisor Marc Lindeen said that having the company clean the grounds Wednesday and on the weekend fits perfectly with Public Health?s schedule of keeping their vaccination clinic open on Thursdays.

In addition to approving Public Health cleaning services, supervisors appointed Brent Landau to the Henry County Landfill Commission. Landau is an engineer who recently moved to the community and is looking to make Henry County his permanent residence, supervisors said.

Landau is taking the place of Larry Height, who recently resigned. Height suggested Landau for the position, saying he would be a good appointment.

In other news, Denise Ballard with Iowa Governmental Health Care Plan (IGHCP) informed supervisors of changes happening to county employees? health insurance this year. The biggest change to take place is the addition of tele-doctors as a way to seek medical treatment.

Ballard said that employees will be able to download an app, ?Doctor on Demand,? on their phone and live chat with a doctor who can diagnose them and prescribe medicine. Prescriptions over Doctor on Demand cannot be opioids or controlled substances, but can be medications such as allergy medicines or antibiotics.

The cost to use this feature is $10 and employees will be charged their regular copay.

?It?s popular,? Ballard said. ?Especially for moms with young kids. They don?t want to take them out to the clinic while they?re sick.?

Other changes to insurance policies will be discussed with county employees during a mandatory meeting during work hours to review changes.