County alarm recorder replaced, will no longer serve private sector in 2019

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


After an ardent fight, the Sheriff?s office Bosch alarm recorder has finally retired itself, taking a ?giant leap forward,? on Wednesday and going on life support, Sheriff Rich McNamee said.

The recorder monitored all alarms coming into the Sheriff?s office but hasn?t been replaced for ?a dozen years or more,? McNamee said.

?It?s lived its life,? County Auditor Shelly Barber said.

A new Bosch recorder was quickly ordered, however. McNamee requested funds to cover the cost of a new alarm, saying he doesn?t think it?s right that it comes out of the Sheriff?s budget because the alarm system covers every county office, during the Board of Supervisors meeting on Thursday, Feb. 8.

?It?s not a ton of money in the grand scheme of things,? McNamee said, adding that the cost of a new recorder is $2,485.

The recorder receives all security and panic alarms from county offices. McNamee said that if the Henry County Supervisors send a panic alarm or if the county auditor has a fire alarm go off, those alarms come directly into the Bosch recording device.

It is also used by some private citizens. The Sheriff?s office has approximately 60 customers, with half of those being alarms outside of county offices. Since they are replacing the old recorder, McNamee plans to continue to serve just county offices and the public will have to reach out to their private security company to monitor their calls.

?As our business grows in the dispatch center, they certainly don?t need the extra duties,? McNamee said. ?Eliminating those alarms will take the burden off of them a little bit.?

McNamee will officially reach out to private sector customers in March to notify them that their service will be discontinued Jan. 1, 2019, giving them approximately nine months to make a phone call to their provider.

Supervisor Gary See agreed that the private sector can go to private security companies to monitor their calls. ?Times have changed,? he said.