Cooper learns to laugh at herself


Mt. Pleasant News

As I sit here today and try to think of something to write about for my column this week, I laugh at myself, yet again.

You see, last week, I decided to surprise my husband by going home and mowing our lawn. I was proud that I actually had the gumption to do it, considering I hate mowing the lawn. Definitely not on my list of ?fun things to do in the summer.?

I struggled mowing, as the grass was a little higher than normal, considering we put it off because we had ?other things to do.? It was warm, too, though I?m not complaining, because I?m finally glad that the temperatures are warm enough for swimming!

Anyway, as I was mowing I noticed it was getting harder as I went. Now, my yard isn?t huge, but it still took me about an hour to mow the entire thing. By the time I was done, I was panting, out of breath and my fingers and palms had blisters.

My husband, who had returned home with our children, was smiling at me as I finished. Now, there were two reasons he was smiling.

Number one reason; he didn?t have to mow the yard. It was a nice surprise for him and well ? any way that he can get out of mowing the yard is reason enough to smile.

Reason number two was because I was complaining about how I wished we had a self-propelled lawnmower.

Self-propelled. You got that right? I wished we had one. Well, come to find out, the reason he was smiling and almost dying of laughter was because, we do, in fact, have a self-propelled lawnmower.

Let me tell you, was I ever embarrassed. He slowly walked to our lawnmower and showed me the second handle, the one that was hanging untouched the entire time I was mowing the yard. I guess you had to hold both of them, at the same time, to get it to work properly.

Huh. Well, after that little mishap, I know who is mowing the yard from now on. I guess I should have paid a little more attention to the fact he was showing me how to use it when I acted like I knew how. Lawnmower one, Megan zero.

So, with sore hands I swallowed my pride and admitted my mistake. My husband still makes fun of me for it, so yes, I will find a way to get him back. I?m sure there?s something he will do that will make up for it some time; at least I hope so. Not sure I want to go all summer being known as the one who can?t run a lawnmower properly. Yes, it?s okay to laugh at me, I still laugh at myself.

Moving on from that terrible lawnmower and the fact that its out to get me, I decided to go back inside and stick to things that I know. I?m not saying that women should stay inside, but my knowledge of doing laundry and dishes is much higher than my knowledge of yard work, or so I thought.

Which brings me to another story, about my inability to stay on task when it comes to household chores. My husband doesn?t even know about this one yet, but will once he reads this.

You see, when it comes to laundry I think it is best to stuff it as full as I can to get it done quickly. I hate doing six small loads when I can do three big loads. I stuffed my washer full and went back upstairs to wash dishes.

About 10 minutes later I heard this obnoxious banging sound coming from the basement. I freaked out initially as I?m a scaredy cat when it comes to the basement, so I grabbed a baseball bat and ventured down the stairs.

Upon reaching the basement, I saw the washer dancing on the pallet and about ready to fall off. It was banging loudly as the basket inside had come loose and was hitting the outside as it was rotating.

I quickly ran to the washer, pulled the plug and stopped the thing. I stood there, baseball bat still in hand and looked at it. I knew that I had to put it back the right way, otherwise my husband would find out.

After a lengthy battle with the washer, I got it moved back into position. I took some clothes out and restarted it. I waited to see if that would help and it did. After that, laundry went well and I decided it was time to do smaller loads.

Now, don?t think I?m completely inept when it comes to chores around the house. I just try to find quicker ways to do things because I hate doing them. But laundry is something that I won?t rush again.

Well, I think that?s enough of my battles with home appliances for now. Enjoy the warm weather, get outside, do something fun and I will see you around the community!