Construction begins on Skunk River Bridge

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


HENRY COUNTY ? The Iowa Department of Transportation is beginning construction today, April 12, to replace the Skunk River Bridge on Highway 218.

The project is expected to be completed in October. Yesterday, crews were out setting up traffic controls. There will be a crossover from the northbound lane on Highway 218 to the southbound lane at the bridge. Traffic will be diverted back to the four-lane highway at the north end of the bridge.

?You?ve got to remove the old bridge before you start building the new one,? said Marc May, Iowa DOT construction technician supervisor. ?It?s just a time-consuming process.?

May said the Skunk River Bridge has gotten to the end of its life span and just needs to be replaced.

Toward the end of April and into May, a second bridge north of the Skunk River Bridge also will have construction work done. At that time, traffic control will be extended through that bridge for about two months.

May said that drivers should be aware of the construction process and slow down.