Conservation considers moving Water Works Campground

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


The Henry County Conservation Department is awaiting cost estimates as the deciding factor on whether or not Water Works Campground will be moved to grounds with higher elevation.

The Conservation board has been considering the cost-effectiveness of moving Water Works for a few months now, comparing it to South Shore Campground, which floods less frequently.

With the potential move of Water Works, the board is also considering changing the camp sites to pull through camp sites or keep it like the current site with cement pads and picnic tables. Executive Director of Conservation John Pullis said that with campers continuing to buy bigger and bigger units each year, the pull through option might be more realistic.

?There?s quite a few (campers) who can?t back them up, so they look for places they can pull through,? Pullis said during the Board of Supervisors meeting on Tuesday, May 15. ?We don?t have places like that.?

The department is looking to relocate the campground east of the old water treatment building where there is an open field.

Although last month Pullis was under the impression he could get free labor using workers from the Department of Corrections, Pullis now said that supervision for the workers costs over $100 an hour, a price point which Conservation board members were ?not real tickled with,? Pullis said.

Instead, Pullis said Conservation is going to bid projects and let private businesses and the Department of Corrections place bids to see if they can level the playing field.

In other news, heavy rains washed out a box culvert on 160th between Kentucky and Lexington, leaving the road closed until further notice. County Engineer Jake Hotchkiss said that once the water recedes, they will work on a short-term fix before replacing the structure.

?A lot of water is coming through there right now,? Hotchkiss said. ?It?s a low volume road, but we need to get it replaced.?

Road maintenance last week also included picking up tires from ditches. Hotchkiss said there are a couple hot spots where tires notoriously go, one being just off Highway 218 south of Salem. While it?s a waste of county resources to go pick up tires and other property left in ditches, Hotchkiss said it?s something that has to be done. If there are any notable distinctions to determine who the property belongs to, they will notify law enforcement.