Complaints from 2012, 2014 investigated by Environmental Health

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


Environmental Health continues to follow up on complaints received over five years ago.

One case was reported in 2014 for untreated sewage discharge from an improperly functioning wastewater treatment system. A permit was pulled at the time but never followed up on, said Bruce Hudson, executive director at Regional Utility Service Systems during a Board of Health meeting on Tuesday, July 24.

The homeowner unfortunately had to purchase another permit and begin the process over again after the property was reinspected this month. ?We have followed up to make sure the system is installed and functioning,? Hudson said.

A second complaint from 2012 reemerged from Wayland. While Hudson does not have access to files from that time, in talking with the individuals he learned that the previous Environmental Specialist investigated the complaint, verified that it was valid and did not follow up again.

Hudson said the property owners in Wayland have not yet pulled a permit.

?It takes time and work and effort,? Hudson said about staying on top of permits and complaints throughout the county. ?(RUSS) puts in the effort because we?re here to ensure Henry County is doing what the state requires.?

A chloroform and nitrate test came back positive this past month.

The positive nitrate test was on the property of an older couple who recently began reusing their well and requested Environmental Health to test the water. Hudson said they have since stopped using the well. While there are ways to treat nitrate, they are expensive, he said.

In other news, Hudson said he needs the signatures of contractors who install wastewater treatment systems by Aug. 1 to know who will be bonded under the county?s new ordinance. Bonding ensures contractors are familiar with Henry County?s requirements for installing wastewater treatment systems. Hudson said if he does not have a contractor?s name and they install a wastewater treatment system, they are subject to fines and penalties.