Columnist reflects on some of her favorite sayings


Mt. Pleasant News

I have a lot of weird habits. Maybe not a lot, but I have a few. I think it?s best to embrace them, after all it makes life more interesting.

One of my favorite oddities is to remember different things people say and in my chosen career path quoting people is a pretty decent skill to have. I also find it entertaining.

When I worked at summer camp, we had a white board that we would write silly things that some of the kids said (the white board was in the staff lounge so none of the kids would get embarrassed by what they said). Some of the staff even had some one-liners on the board.

I find it fun to write down these fun little memories and look back on them when I need a pick?me-up. I even have a few pages of random funny quotes people have said in the News office, dating back to when I first started here in advertising.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from employees of the News from the years that I have been here (printed with the individual?s permission):

? ?Where there is a will there is a woman? ?Marty Simon (I?m not entirely sure what was going on that day, but Marty was always ready with a pep talk.

? ?I?m living proof that as you get older you grow more cynical and cantankerous.? ? Brooks Taylor, just giving me some advice.

? ?He is the guy I have been stalking.? Steph Tahtinen, talking about trying to get a hold of a person for a story.

? ?Nothing says ?Red neck? like opening your truck door and having all your shotgun shells fall out.? ? Tiffany, talking about how her day started.

? ?You didn?t like ?The Notebook?? That is almost un-American.? ? Brooks, when finding out another staffer?s movie preferences.

? ?I believe zero percent of information that comes from a website claiming that plants have actual feelings.? ? me, on another staff member believing something from a less-than-factual website.

? ?You don?t like marshmallows, that?s practically un-American.? ? Brooks, on finding out that same staffer is a picky eater.

? ?Oh Mylanta!? ? Kaci, her creative way of avoiding saying ?oh my goodness?

While these quotes may not be nearly as funny to you as they are to some of the employees here, perhaps it will give you a little closer look at the personalities behind the people who put together your newspaper every day.

Over the four years that I have been here, the staff has become kind of like family to me, there are ups and downs and then there is always the time that someone says something silly to make us all smile.

I feel like it is a bit of a rite or passage when newer employees finally say something that the office deems quote-worthy. Sometimes I wont even be the person that hears it, and a co-worker will yell out ?Trish, write that one down.? Makes my day.