Columnist is thankful for emergency workers, volunteers


Mt. Pleasant News

I will not bore you with the details of the impending snowstorm or how much I hate winter?I think we already know.

With that said, I still don?t like winter and with each passing day, I like it a little less. Okay, I?m done now, I promise.

I?ve been thinking about what I want to talk about today in my column and my mind begins wandering back to a conversation I had with my co-workers the other day. This conversation came after a terrible fire and some other situations that were occurring around the area.

I remember coming in and sitting down in my chair at my desk, thinking about the conversation I just had with the Henry County sheriff. I?m not sure how to explain my feelings, other than I have the utmost respect for our sheriff?s department, police department, firemen, paramedics and anyone else who deals with emergency-type situations.

Honestly, if you were to ask me if I could ever do what they do, the answer would be no. I just couldn?t. My husband recently joined the fire department and already in his short time there, he has experienced quite a bit. I could never do what he does, what they do. Ever.

Sometimes I feel they are under appreciated for what they do, because they step up to take the call when no one else will. They leave their families to protect yours. I guess I never really thought about what they do until recently. How they sleep at night sometimes makes me wonder?but I do know, I am thankful for what they do.

Stemming from that conversation I began thinking about when I was teaching high school and how some of these kids would bring their problems to me. I thought I could handle some of those situations, but I found myself taking their problems home with me. What some of these kids go through is just shocking, and I can understand why they dislike school so much.

I know, I know, you aren?t supposed to take your work home with you, but how can you not in situations like these? How can you just turn a blind eye and act as though everything is okay? I know that I can?t. I guess it?s just my way though ? I want to save all those kids, and knowing they are hurting makes me hurt too.

But I did learn from those situations with students how to make their time away from home worth their while and enjoyable. I gave them a safe environment, an ear to talk to and allowed them to escape for a while. It?s the least I could do, considering I can only do so much.

Again, I just want to say how much respect I have for those emergency workers. Just listening to some stories makes me in awe at what they do. They truly are heroes, whether they believe that in themselves or not.

Please, if you can, just take a moment to thank them for what they do, because they need it. They really do. Anyone can do with words of encouragement; it just makes their job a little easier knowing they are appreciated for what they do.

On a lighter note, spring is only 21 days away! Which means St. Patrick?s Day is coming and warmer weather. I know, I know, it seems like this winter will never end, but it has to, because spring is almost here. In my world, it will end on March 21st, just saying.

I look forward to going outside and feeling the warm air on my face and being able to open my windows to rid my house of the germs that have been around since the beginning of winter. I clean and clean, but I know it doesn?t matter much; it just needs a good airing out.

Plus, my children are about to start climbing the walls they are so bored right now. Talk about cabin fever; I?m not sure who has it worse, them or me. I?m ready to start running outside and riding my bike to work.

My four-year old keeps asking me if she can go out to play and I?m tired of telling her no, but the freezing temperatures are just too much for her and her little brother. They have already been sick enough this winter, I don?t want to add to it by braving these temps just yet.

Hopefully, if the snow stays away, my husband and I will get the kids out this weekend and do something with them to burn off some energy, otherwise, I?m likely to go crazy.

Well, that?s all for now, see you around the community!