Columnist enjoys the fall

Fall. Got to love it! Even though it signals the start of the absolute worst season ever, winter! Ugh, to say I hate it would be an understatement. But fall, I love fall.


Bonfires, my favorite show ?Ghost Adventures? starts its new season, pumpkin carving and the cool breeze that blows through your open windows, just some aspects that I love about this time of year.


We recently carved our pumpkins and we have a Hawkeye pumpkin, which turned out pretty cool, and we also have a pumpkin who is throwing up, my daughter told me it was because it drank too much chocolate milk, juice and ate too much peanut butter. I just smiled my head and nodded in agreement. No use arguing with that logic!


My other favorite part of fall, besides all the above, are haunted houses. We recently went to the Thrasher?s House of Terror located at McMillan Park and it was pretty scary. I screamed about every turn and felt like a wimp for most of it. I would definitely recommend checking that out, as it was well put together and a lot of fun. We are hoping to broaden our travels to Scream Acres in Atkins at some point this season, but we will have to see.


Of course fall brings Halloween, my absolute favorite holiday of the year. It trumps all other holidays in my book and well, I can?t wait for it to come. We spend many nights during the month of October hosting scary movie nights, where we watch some that are on the scary side (hard to find for me!) and some that are bordering on comical, those make for great conversations though!


Besides the movie nights, we also love dressing up in costumes for Halloween. This year, our daughter will be dressed up as Rapunzel from the movie ?Tangled,? and our son will be Batman. We are also doing a group Halloween night where we are all dressing up as the purple minions from the movie ?Despicable Me 2? and my husband will be Gru. I have to say, this will definitely be an interesting evening.


Of course football takes up our time as well in the fall, and I just want to say that I?m really proud of the Hawkeyes so far this season. They have really grown as a team and seeing them winning games and hanging in there until the end makes me proud to be a Hawkeye fan. Now, my Packers I can?t say the same thing, but I won?t go there, considering my husband?s team, the Broncos, are doing extremely well so far this year. Even my baseball team has done poorly, my Cubs will go to a World Series in my lifetime, I hope anyway.


There are also some things I do not like about fall, the weather turning cold, the rain that seems to sink into your bones and stay and some other personal reasons, but I keep my head up with the fact that there are many things to do and keep me busy this time of year.


Perhaps, I will start using my gym membership that I pay for each month again. That would keep me busy and well, we know most of us need to stay active in the winter months and that would be a great way to do it. I just have to find the desire to do it again and well, right now, I am more happy going home and spending time with my children and husband than going to the gym for an hour or more. I bet though when the first snow hits, I will be anxiously awaiting in the line for the tanning bed!


Overall, fall is a time for family and friends. It?s a great chance to just slow down from the summer fun and sit around a fire, talking about anything that strikes your fancy. May I recommend a playlist for such an event? Try listening to 90?s Hits on Pandora and if you are in my age range, you will be reminiscing about the first time you heard those songs. It definitely provides hours of fun conversation and memories. I guess my recommendation could extend all ages though, choose your era and let the memories roll in! Happy fall everyone and see you in the community!