Column for mom


Mt. Pleasant News

This is my last column before Mother?s Day, so this column will be dedicated to everything I know about mothers, being a mother and my mother.

I?ve been doing a lot of thinking lately about motherhood and the role of a mom now that I am helping raise my best friend?s daughter.

A lot of what I know about child raising I learned from my mom. More often than not, I find myself thinking that I am turning into my mother.

Turning into my mom isn?t such a bad thing. I say that now that I am?24 (not really). At 14, I may have been a little more bothered by the idea of being so similar to her.

The older my mother and I get, the more I see her mother in her, and my mother?s traits in me. Luckily, my mother and my mother?s mother are two amazing women. (My father?s mother is absolutely incredible, too, just in case anyone is wondering.)

So what exactly makes a mother? Aside from the obvious biology of it, there is also a lot of love, a whole lot of patience and, in my case, a bit of humor.

At this stage of my life, I also am preparing for another mother in my life, a mother-in-law.

While I consider myself to be very blessed to be gaining a mother-in-law whom I admire and respect, I am also simply not used to having another mother in my life. That will take some adjusting to. My mother-in-law-to-be is pretty nice, and I have a great relationship with her so far, so hopefully it will be a quick and painless adjustment period.

When I was growing up, I always kind of figured everyone had a mother just like mine. My best friend?s mother was a teacher and my mother was a teacher, they seemed a lot alike. The rules in each house were pretty similar, and as often as I was at her house, I think of this lady as my ?other mother.? I guess I thought every mother was the same (however, mine was slightly more special than anyone else?s).

As the years and life experience have gone on, I have begun to realize just how lucky I am to have the mother that I have. Sadly, not all moms care about their children as mine does about me.

From instilling the importance of hard work, faith, fun, and patience in me to helping me figure out all of this parenting stuff for myself, my mom is pretty awesome and definitely one of a kind.

Like Valentine?s Day, I think Mother?s Day is slightly overrated. However, unlike Valentine?s Day, I think Mother?s Day is necessary.

I don?t think we should need a designated day to say to a specific person in our lives that we recognize what they do for us. I will say, though, unfortunately parents seem to go underappreciated. I, for one, did not appreciate how much my parents did for me when I was growing up until I started taking care of my best friend?s daughter.

I don?t think I made it easy for my parents, but I?m pretty sure I kept it interesting.