Class ring returned to MP man 50 years after it was lost

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


What?s lost will eventually be found.

That came true for Tim Hummell, of Mt. Pleasant, when his 1974 Mt. Pleasant Community High School class ring was returned to him earlier this month, almost 50 years after he lost it.

?I remember I lost it. That?s it,? Hummell said. ?Not long after that I went to the Marines and never thought about it again.?

That is until he got a call from his cousin, John House, who came across a ring with the initials ?TH.? Looking at a yearbook from the time Hummell was in high school, they found that Hummell was the only student with the initials ?TH.? It had to have been his ring, he concluded.

With the ring returned to his finger, Hummell sat outside his home and watched it shine. ?See how it glistens in the sun? It looks brand-new,? he said.

While Hummell never graduated from MPCHS, choosing to join the Marines instead, the ring symbolized the pride he has for his high school. He bought the ring around 1970 or 1971.

Hummell joined the Marines in 1972 because he was ?turning into a little troublemaker,? he said. He needed the discipline and knew he could get it from the Marines, a big decision that he never regretted.

After getting out of the Marines, Hummell worked at the Mt. Pleasant Correctional Facility for 10 years as a prison guard before moving on to other ventures.

Now, Hummell said he is going to give the ring to his wife. ?When you get a class ring like that when I was young, you give them to your girlfriend,? Hummell said. ?Since me and my wife were married all these years, I?ll give it to her. She?s going to wear it around her neck.?