City encouraging residents to frequent shops on N. Jefferson St. despite construction

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


Despite inconvenient construction, city officials are encouraging residents to make a point to frequent shops along N. Jefferson St. that are losing some business every day because of the intrusive barricades.

Oddly enough, Mt. Pleasant City Council member Kent White said he has noticed the people who come from out of town are the ones who make it to their destinations. After all, they traveled this far, White said during the Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting on Wednesday, April 25.

?There are barricades down there, but to my knowledge every business owner has access to their front door,? White said. ?You may have to walk a half block from your parking area, but we need to continue to support our people.?

This is especially important for residents to remember as construction progresses further, with crews closing the N. Jefferson St. and Madison St. intersection on Tuesday, May 1. This intersection will remain closed for four weeks while Mt. Pleasant Municipal Utilities finishes the water main connection.

Earlier this week, Mt. Pleasant Municipal Utilities replaced the eight-inch water main on Jefferson St. and will be laying the new water main north of Monroe St. to Madison St. Kinney and Sons are removing the old street surface ahead of Drish Construction and Mt. Pleasant Municipal Utilities.

Once the water main is installed to the Madison St. intersection and tested, all services between Monroe St. and N. Jefferson St. will be connected to the new main. This work is estimated to take two weeks, weather permitting.

The removal of concrete on S. Main St. is going well, reported Bob Troutman, of Water Engineering Associates, in an email. Because of gas main conflicts, Alliant Energy has called in for locates and have a gas main to relocate at the Langdon St. intersection.

On Monday, April 30, Kinney and Sons plan to begin installing subdrain on S. Main St. to prepare to start placing modified subbase where they can and continue working on manhole installation.

In other news, Drish Construction has been helping Mt. Pleasant Municipal Utilities install the new water main on N. Jefferson St. because of unforeseen conflicts. This has delayed Drish Construction from getting to the Jay St. sewer project, but they had hoped to begin breaking out concrete Thursday, April 26.

Mt. Pleasant Municipal Utilities has estimated the water main replacement at the Locust St. and Green St. intersection to be completed in a week once Drish Construction gets the street surface removed.

While all construction scheduling is subject to change because of the weather or unforeseen roadblocks, during the Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting Wednesday, Mayor Steve Brimhall assured that crews are getting it done as quickly as possible.

?With construction comes inconvenience, I hate to say that,? Brimhall said. ?But we?re going to continue to get done as quickly as possible.?