City considering off-site signs to advertise businesses

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


In an effort to help people navigate Mt. Pleasant more easily, the Mt. Pleasant City Council is proposing an ordinance allowing off site signs advertising local businesses.

The signs are designed to help people find their destination better, with multiple businesses in a common area putting their name on a free-standing sign. They would be located a ?reasonable distance? from the actual location of the businesses, said Planning and Zoning Administrator Jack Swarm during the Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting on Wednesday, May 24.

The ordinance addresses concern as to who owns the signs, who is responsible for maintenance and who is liable if signs are damaged. The ordinance will be read in future council meetings before it is adopted.

A public hearing will be held June 13 at 5:30 p.m. for a proposed zone change of a property at 107 E. Mill St. Property owner Rande McAllister wants to construct a duplex on this lot, which requires the zone change from a residential-1 to residential-2.

Property owners within 250 ft. of McAllister?s property were sent letters informing them of the public hearing and the potential zone change. The application has to be accompanied by signatures of half of the 45 property owners within the 250 ft.

?The whole process makes (property owners) really aware of the change,? Swarm said.

Motions were made regarding construction as it progresses this summer. A change order for Main St. and Jefferson St. project refunded the city $1,200. The payment was supposed to be a bonus for the contractor meeting the certain specifications of core drillings; however, as construction continued, crews found they did not have to do that for this project.

On the topic of construction, council member Kent White said downtown merchants are still experiencing some loss of business and wants to encourage the public to frequent those storefronts.

?This is a one-year warning for the other merchants because we?re going to be doing the same thing roughly on the other side of the square,? White said. ?I feel for them, it?s tough, but the sidewalks are open,? he added.

Construction at Mapleleaf Complex hit a ?hiccup? Wednesday, City Administrator Brent Schleisman said. As the parking lot paving got underway, crews found the storm sewer wasn?t as deep as they thought it was. ?We?re going to use the whole $500,000 grant,? he said, adding that they initially thought they would only use a portion of that. ?Hey, when you?re digging you find stuff,? he said in good humor.

In other news, Ron Archer said with a warning to residents to not mow their grass into the street a couple weeks ago, now it seems like people just stopped mowing altogether. He received over 80 tall grass complaints in recent days.

Council member Terry McWilliams added that property owners with grass over six inches will warrant a visit from the community service officer.

The city hired Stephen Miller to fill the position of Refuse Collection Driver. Miller started May 14. This is a part-time job of 20 hours a week. Schleisman said the hire was needed because the city was really depleting the Public Works staff.