Christian America is disappearing

Far too many of our upper educational systems have besmirched our communication with God to the point that Christian activities are no longer occurring.

A group at Iowa State College who formed a religious meeting of students were soon opposed by one non-Christian, causing Iowa State to force the group from meeting on college grounds. It required legal action to allow the students to return.

The Mt. Pleasant News in the January 20, 2017, issue placed on their front page an article and pictures about a gathering of Iowa Wesleyan students who have launched a Campus Chapel Ministry. CRU is part of an International Campus Crusade for Christ in the USA. Christian Henriksen and his group will meet no resistance from Iowa Wesleyan, only encouragement.

I strongly honor the Mt. Pleasant News for bringing this event forward with great luster. This will encourage many supporters to offer always needed financial assistance to encourage even more action and cause our local CRU chapter to expand, not only at Iowa Wesleyan but to our Nation of disappearing Christians. A wonderful way, not only to earn a living, but save the freedom of our great USA.

Historical Fact: No Christian Nation has ever maintained its governing freedom with the loss of Christianity.

Parties of interest may reach Christian Henriksen at:


Robert Batey

Mt. Pleasant