Car erupts in flames in Salem Thursday

SALEM ? Casey Davis went to start the van that had been parked on the street outside her home at 203 E. Van Buren in Salem when it started smoking.

She immediately got out of the car and ran into the house to call for help when, ?It just went boom,? she said, shouting the last word.

Danielle Jones was driving with John Geiger to their house two doors down when they saw the car engulfed in flames. Geiger stopped their car and told Jones to take their daughter, who was sitting in the back seat, around the block to the safety of their home.

?She was screaming, ?Daddy, daddy,? Jones said.

?At that point, shit was flying and popping everywhere,? Geiger said. He called the fire department who arrived on scene a little after 2 p.m.

Geiger, who was a member of the fire department until September 2017, said that he still lives for the excitement of getting to put out a fire.

?It kills me every time I hear them pulling out (of the fire station) and I?m not on the truck,? he said.

Geiger said that the car probably hadn?t moved in three or four months. The car belonged to a friend of Davis.

When Davis? friend found out about his car being on fire she said he ?is not even mad.?

Officials at the scene said the fire was likely caused by an electrical issue.