Brimhall praises council for good year, looks toward future improvement projects

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


Mayor Steve Brimhall ended the last Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting of 2017 on Wednesday, Dec. 27, by congratulating the city on a great year.

As Brimhall gave a short recap on 2017 and looked to the future, he mentioned the city?s improved fire rating and bond rating and the number of streets that had been improved, adding that he knows there is a lot more to go. He also mentioned the eight acres of property the city purchased on Cedar Street, saying that although it wasn?t cheap to buy land in the middle of town, it will be a good investment in the long run.

?Someday there will be a new well on that property,? Brimhall said. ?We think that?s a terrifically good move on our part. In the long run, it will seem cheap when we have water real close to where we have Mt. Pleasant Utilities.?

In road improvement, the council approved a resolution to authorize Brimhall to sign a Surface Transportation Block Grant (STBG), which would seek funds for the reconstruction of West Winfield from Grand Ave. to Broadway. Brimhall said that the grant wouldn?t take effect until 2022, and the city ?might do some patching on that (road) to get to that point.?

Brimhall also will sign a Transportation Alternative Program (TAP) grant application that will seek funds to continue construction of the recreation trail.

?(It?s) always good to have money outside to pay for this stuff,? Brimhall said. ?Not sure if the road will last that long, but hopefully.?

In other news, residents may no longer leave their trash receptacles on the curb for more than 24 hours after collection, according to a new city ordinance. ?If it?s out Monday, it can?t be out on Tuesday,? city administrator Brent Schleisman said before the council unanimously voted its approval.

The council also finalized an ordinance establishing no parking on the west and east sides of North Grand Avenue from Winfield north to the bypass. The issue was brought up during the last council meeting that trucks are pulling off the road and parking on the shoulders, causing damage to the city light poles and banner arms.

As the weather turns frigid and snow falls, chief of police Ron Archer wanted to remind residents of the city?s 24-hour parking ordinance. ?Mother Nature chalks the tires for us,? he said with a laugh, warning that the city will ticket for cars parked for longer than 24 hours.

In reappointments, Brimhall recommended reappointment of Jeff Thomas as chairman of the Historic Preservation Commission and Paul Tinder to the board. Brent Schrader was appointed to the Board of Adjustment to fill Bill Griffith?s spot after he was elected to city council.

After the meeting was adjourned, officers were sworn in. Brimhall was sworn in for another term as mayor, along with council member Terry McWilliams, Robert J. Griffith and Jeff Batty.

Stepping down from council this year, Debbie Savage said that her service has been a very good learning experience. ?Thank you for allowing me to serve for the last eight years,? she said. ?It?s been an honor and a pleasure, and maybe I?ll be back someday.?

Brimhall presented her with a plaque for her dedication to the city, saying she has been a pleasure to work with and he appreciated having her on council.

The next Mt. Pleasant City Council meeting will be Wednesday, Jan. 10.