Bits and pieces

Intriguing News March 7, 2018. I found the cartoon in the Hawkeye this morning-ref the Secretary of HUD USA and his $3l, 000 purchase of new furniture for his hutch quite intriguing beyond doubt. I wonder who authorized this blunder, The President, Congress or anyone? WHOA: Stop the train Jack? As I looked at this cartoon, I did not know whether to laugh, cuss or cry.

I have observed such happening as shown in the cartoon, homeless human people living under a big bridge in Fresno, Calif. in homes made of cardboard and the ground for a bed every morning when I went to work in West Fresno. I suggest The Secretary of HUD go camp with these folks for a month. When is enough?

Then as I turned the TV on today to world news, on the screen across America I read: WHITE HOUSE CHAOS ? ECONOMIC CHIEF RESIGNS ? PORN STAR SUES ?WHO? REALLY THE PRESIDENT OF OUR USA. HUSH NO MORE? YEA STORMY.

Then a quote by Donald: NO PROBLEM HERE I LIKE CONFLICT?

The next message on TV was ? KUSHNER ? Who is this dude anyway ? goes to Mexico to meet Mexico?s president.

I wonder is this the same dude that was led out of the White House this past week that possessed the qualifications to be denied a required security clearance. I wonder who approved the appropriation of funds for this venture? Where do we need to build a fence and for who? Not Mexico. News at its best.

Have a Good Day.

Signed, Stanley E. Hill, Maj, USA, RET

Mt. Pleasant, IA