Being thankful all year


Mt. Pleasant News

Christmas is officially a day behind us. The presents have all been unwrapped. Yummy food has been consumed and carols have all been sung. With one holiday in the books, our next big holiday is already around the corner.

New Year?s celebrations will be here before we know it and so will a plethora of New Year?s resolutions. From weight loss to better spending habits, you will soon be pressured to make your resolutions and stick to them.

Now, if you are anything like me, New Year?s resolutions typically go out the window within a few months and old habits creep slowly back into everyday life. As this is an unfortunate but true fact for me, I often wonder why I even bother making resolutions to better my life.

While I do think making New Year?s resolutions to kick bad habits, lose a few unhealthy pounds or just make a change for the better in your life is great, a thought occurred to me as I watched both of my young nephews open presents this Christmas. As I observed their uncontainable joy in opening presents and playing with used wrapping paper and bows, I realized how truly blessed I am.

As a 23-year-old young woman, I have a lot to be grateful for! I have a family who loves me and raised me to love the Lord, a solid roof over my head, a job to go to everyday and a life full of possibilities. On top of all of that, I have been lucky enough to be blessed with great health and a great college education. Simply put, I have been given much more than I deserve.

How about you? As easy as it is to focus on things we wish we could change about our lives or ways our lives could be better, why not focus on the things that we are blessed to call our own. However small our blessings are, they all add up to a great trove of ways that we have been blessed.

Sure, I often wish for a little more money, a husband and children of my own, or even better eating and exercise habits. We all can wish for things or venture to better ourselves, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, this coming year I challenge you to remind yourself daily on just how blessed you are.

Reflecting on the positive things and thanking the Lord for even the smallest blessing never fails to turn even my crummiest day around, even if it?s just for a moment.

This year, as you make your list of resolutions don?t forget to also count your blessings. Your kids, your spouse, a job and a functioning home are just a fraction of things that most of us can be thankful for.

What?s on your list? Start compiling your blessings today. Chances are you will be reminded of things you forgot to thank your lucky stars you have to call yours.