Beatty-Peterseim Funeral Home welcomes new staff

The Beatty-Peterseim Funeral Home in Wayland, Washington and Kalona is proud to announce the addition of Nicholas Todd as a new employee.

Nicholas is a recent graduate from the University of Northern Iowa in December 2017 with a Bachelor of Arts in Music in Performance Arts Management.

Following graduation, he enrolled in the Des Moines Area Community College School of Mortuary Science in January 2018. The program offers a funeral home based curriculum. To be affiliated, the student, funeral home and funeral directors must be approved by the school and provide an environment for the student to learn.

?We are excited to have Nicholas join our funeral home?, said Mark Beatty, Funeral Director and owner. ?Nick started helping at the funeral home during college, and I saw potential for him to become a Funeral Director.?

Nicholas is a member of the Immanuel Lutheran Church, Washington Municipal Band, student member of the Iowa Funeral Directors Association and National Funeral Directors Association.

He enjoys playing and performing music, hunting, fishing, going to flee markets, auctions and antique stores.