Backyard fire Thursday reminds residents to practice safe, controlled burns

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


The Salem and Hillsboro Fire Departments were called to 103 N. King St. in Hillsboro Thursday, May 17, after a controlled burn got out of hand.

Gary Frisbie was burning items in his backyard when he heard a loud pop, spreading fire to an old camper and a ?65 truck.

?I told them to move the truck two years ago,? Frisbie said of his son-in-law as officials hosed down the now-smoldering remains.

Frisbie said he and his friend Shawn Kisling were doing some spring cleaning when the fire got out of control. They later found that a can of aerosol spray had somehow been thrown in with the other items, causing a small explosion.

Although there were some slightly-burned fingers, no one was injured.

Deputy Jason Sutton, with the Henry County Sheriff?s Office, advised Frisbie to keep an eye on the smoldering remains to ensure it didn?t catch fire again.

Former Hillsboro Fire Department Captain Gene Carter urged people using burn containers to be careful not to let the fire get out of hand.

Despite the rain of last weekend, conditions are still dry. Carter said to only burn on days with more moisture and little wind.