Author of fictional novel based on Mt. Pleasant to hold talk in Burlington

Author of fictional novel, ?Scout?s Honor,? which was heavily influenced by Mt. Pleasant, will be hosting an author event Saturday, March 10, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Burlington By The Book at 301 Jefferson St. in Burlington.

?Scout?s Honor? was written by Joanne Salemink, and has many references to places and things familiar to Eastern Iowans and Midwesterners.

Her book is the story of a woman whose world is crashing around her, but instead of accepting the status quo, she decides to kick-start a new life. Guided by a rebel with an AARP card and a vintage Indian Scout motorcycle, Julie uncovers the truth under the covers, restores her friendships, rekindles a romance, and puts the mean girls in their place ? without becoming a mean girl. Much. There?s humor, drama, romance and a motorcycle.

At its most basic, ?Scout?s Honor? is the story of a woman who decides to take charge of her life in her own way. What sets it apart is that it?s about a middle-aged, Midwestern housewife with a big heart and a bigger sense of humor. The book features a lot of fast-paced dialogue and a few surprising twists ? both within conversations and in plot points.

Salemink was inspired to write this book after she found herself tired of reading about angst-filled 30-year-olds who inherit a beach-front mansion, or set off on an adventure, but need to be rescued by a handsome stranger.

?I wanted to read about someone I could more closely identify with, and someone who learns to solve her own problems,? Salemink said. ?If it involved a little romance, even better. But, that would be her choice too.?

Salemink?s book is self-published. For more information, contact Joanne Salemink at or 319-330-6278.