Area school lunch menus

*All area school lunches come with a choice of milk


Mt. Pleasant Community School District

Monday, Dec. 11: Mandarin orange chicken, rice, broccoli with ranch, pineapple

Tuesday, Dec. 12: Hamburger, lettuce and tomato, California blend veggies, peaches, cookie

Wednesday, Dec. 13: Chicken tetrazzini, salad with ranch, mandarin oranges.

Thursday, Dec. 14: Corn dog, baked beans, carrots, apricots, cookie

Friday, Dec. 15: BBQ pork rib sandwich, spinach with ranch, sweet potato waffle fries, applesauce


New London Community School District

Monday, Dec. 11: Egg omelet, sausage, cereal, chocolate muffin, fruit cup

Tuesday, Dec. 12: Nachos, tomato, onion, salsa, sour cream, cheese jalapeno, black beans, fruit and veggie bar

Wednesday, Dec. 13: Chicken giggles, potato smiles, orange smiles

Thursday, Dec. 14: Cooks choice with yummy dessert

Friday, Dec. 15: Orange chicken, rice, sweet-and-sour sauce, fruit and veggie bar, fortune cookie


WACO Community School District

Monday, Dec. 11: Omelet, sausage, biscuit, tri tater, green peppers, juice

Tuesday, Dec. 12: Chicken Alfredo, cheese breadstick, spinach, grape tomatoes, fruit cocktail

Wednesday, Dec. 13: Shrimp poppers, macaroni and cheese, peas, red peppers, fresh fruit

Thursday, Dec. 14: Grilled cheese, tomato soup with crackers, roasted garbanzo beans, cookie, applesauce

Friday, Dec. 15: No school


Winfield-Mt. Union

Monday, Dec. 11: Super nachos, tortilla chips, refried beans, romaine lettuce, tomato, salsa, fruit cocktail

Tuesday, Dec. 12: Pizza crunchers, tossed salad, steamed broccoli with cheese, cheese stick, watermelon

Wednesday, Dec. 13: Hot dog, fries, baked beans, mandarin oranges

Thursday, Dec. 14: Fish, coleslaw, biscuit, fries, peaches

Friday, Dec. 15: Chicken patty, roll, mashed potato, gravy, glazed carrots, pears