Adventures in cat-sitting

I always thought I was a person who enjoyed having a pet. After recent developments, however, I am beginning to wonder if having a pet is really a good choice for me.

Several months ago, I shared about a stupid fish that I used to have, and told you I would never again own a Betta fish. Now I am beginning to wonder if I should ever own a cat.

I would first like to clarify and say that I think pets and animals are great and if you find one that meshes with your personality it could be one of the best things to happen to your life. I?m just beginning to think that maybe I don?t have a ?pet friendly? personality.

Recently, my future in-laws took a long trip and since my fiancé was away at Army schooling, I was asked to watch their cat.

I grew up with a cat, Freckles, the best cat in the world. When she wanted attention, she would let you know. When she didn?t want to be bothered, she simply left you alone. Simple. And wonderful. She lives in my parents garage, and with the exception of a few hiccups, has been a wonderful creature.

So I figured that babysitting this other cat, Tiggs, was going to be a breeze, right?

Wrong. Very wrong.

I pride myself in being an independent person and very much enjoy my alone time. This doesn?t go well when you have a pet around. Or at least it didn?t go well when I had this pet around.

While I will say it was nice to have a distraction while Scott was away with Army stuff, but I learned very quickly that I was no longer the dominant personality in my home when the cat arrived.

As soon as I would return from work, Tiggs would be on my lap and there she would stay until I left for work the next day. This also meant I could only sleep when she decided that she wanted to sleep. I?m really not one for taking cat naps, so the feline and I had a few conversations about that (they were pretty one sided. Ha.).

Now that Scott?s parents have returned and the cat is back at their place, I find myself missing her when I come home form work, but I don?t miss the freedom of being able to use the bathroom without a little gray fur-ball following me in there.

I guess having a pet around wouldn?t be such a bad thing after all, just as long as I still get my own space.