Action by superintendent, board disappoints retired teacher

To the editor:

There was an infomercial on television some years back that used the phrase ?stop the insanity.? I say this to Mt. Pleasant Community School Board and superintendent, ?stop the insanity!?

Monday night at the monthly Mt. Pleasant Community School Board meeting, I saw a continuance of the charade that has gone on since Mike Wells entered our midst as superintendent. Our school district had a large surplus and was in sound financial shape when Mike Wells took this job.

Now, after reckless spending of our money the past two years, on really important stuff like scuba diving (I kid you not) and ?school gardens,? they suddenly find they really don?t have enough money for any of it and are going to have to fire our tech staff and our custodians.

As a former teacher in the district for 32 years, I know well the importance of having good trusted staff in our buildings. Often, if I was working in the building at night, the custodian might be the only other person in the building. If students forgot something at night, the custodian would be the person to let them in to help them. These were trusted people from our community.

The same can be said for the tech people. If I needed repair of my computer, the tech people would quietly come into my room and repair it quickly. Now, these people will have their salaries cut nearly in half and lose all IPERs benefits to work for an outsourcing company from Nebraska. The superintendent?s reaction? ?It?s a job.?

Folks, is this how we want to run our schools? These are taxpayers in our community. We are letting an outsider come into our schools, spend our money, and fire good school personnel. This same superintendent and board recently decided to hold a June 30 special election and ask for 12 million more dollars to throw away.

Stop the insanity.


Debbie Batey