A time to be thankful for home

To the editor:

There is no need to be maudlin at this time of the year, but I feel so fortunate to live in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. So many friends and acquaintances and also neighbors are people I speak to in the stores that I know, but with my advanced years whose names often escape me as I come around a corner and there they are!

Many of these citizens I have had as patients in the past, through good times (ie: new babies, (nearly1,500), or tough times as well, with injuries or illness, many before modern day medications.

?Iowa Nice? is apparent every day to me living in Mt. Pleasant ever since I was eight years old going to Saunders School, with a few years away for college, U.S. Navy and other side-trips.

It?s this time of the year when we realize how very fortunate we are to live here, even if things do not always go the way we may wish. For the most part these ?Iowa Nice? folks of Mt. Pleasant rarely disappoint me. It is at this time of the year I want to say how thankful I am to live with friends and neighbors who really care about me and for me.

Thank you, and have a wonderful and caring holiday season.



?Just Plain Doc?

Bob Wettach

Mt. Pleasant