A rebuttal from the tall side


Mt. Pleasant News

A couple weeks ago, a co-worker and friend wrote her column about the downside to being vertically challenged. While I am sure that the 10 things she wrote about not enjoying because of being height challenged are problems, at 5? 10?? I would like to offer some annoyances from the taller lady?s side.

10. Shoe size. Since tall women aren?t incredibly common, neither is our shoe size. The cutest shoes always seem to be two or three sizes smaller than I wish they would be.

9. Changing rooms. Trust me on this one, it is very awkward to be tall enough that your head is visible over a stall. I don?t need anyone to know if I am shopping for new clothes.

8. Bathroom mirrors. I have learned that I cannot put on my heels until just before leaving for work (most of the time I just carry them to work though) because if I get any taller, I cannot see in the bathroom mirror to put my contacts in.

7. Shower heads. When my mother and I went on college visits during my high school years, she (being a tall lady as well) would always ask to look at the dorm bathrooms to see how tall the shower heads are on the walls. I thought it was a little weird at first, but looking back, she was right. It can be a hassle if the shower head isn?t as tall as your actual head.

6. Basement ceilings. The ceilings in a lot of basements are sometimes lower than a regular ceiling, as are the ceilings above staircases. That means a lot of ducking for a tall person.

5. Desk height. I cross my legs a lot. Very often this results in the top of my knees hitting the bottom of a desk. I should probably change the way I sit, but it?s just habit.

4. The seat in my car. Actually, I?m pretty sure when anyone moves the driver?s seat of another person?s car and doesn?t put it back the way they found it is an annoyance to just about everyone. My problem here is if the person driving my car was considerably shorter than I am, I cannot even get my legs in my car without hitting my knees on the steering wheel.

3. Movie theaters. Actually, any sort of seating arrangement in which everyone is looking towards the same place at the front of the group can be slightly uncomfortable. I used to try to be polite and slouch down in my seat so that I was roughly the same height as my peers, but if it was for a long period of time it could get rather painful.

2. Men. As a tall female, it is preferable to wind up with a man that is taller than you are. Dating shorter guys can just be awkward.

1. Heels. I love wearing high heels. High heeled shoes just look cuter. I also realize that adding five more inches makes me taller. People seem to like asking me if I wear heels to be even taller. I don?t want to be any taller, I just like the shoes.