A journey through City Hall

To the editor:

As I think about the vacancy of Old City Hall it brings many fond memories to my mind about people and things since my first visit to City Hall in June 1950.

Many, many good people serving in various occupations have come and gone since the building was built and I believe with the help of a couple of Mt. Pleasant boys (if I am correct, Lenart ?Sorghum? Berghdal and Axel Berghdal) it was built in the year of 1936.

Since that time routine business of the city has been carried on there and in addition at one time the Mt. Pleasant Police Department, a jail, the Mt. Pleasant Fire Department and a truck weighing station was located there.

Up to the day that Old City Hall closed there has been 15 people who have served as Mayor at this location. Many other folks have served in Old City Hall with great devotion, with dedication and with a loyalty of distinction. It would really be interesting if a journal could be written and published to record and define the history of people and things as we remember Old City Hall.

This writer?s memories beginning in June 1950 and ending in December 1999 of associations with and in Old City Hall are:

June 1950 - Speeding ticket: Appeared before and fined by the Honorable Mayor George Van Allen.

January 1954 - Served four years on the Mt. Pleasant Police Department. Mayor Wade McBeth - Chief of Police Pete Shouse.

1957 or 1958 - Joined the Mt. Pleasant Fire Department - Fire Chief Axel Berghdal - Bill Sater and Bill Alvine. Served 12 years.

January 1971 - May 1974 - Mt. Pleasant City Council - Mayor Charles Hanna.

May 1974 - October 1982 - The First Appointed Public Works Director of Mt. Pleasant. Mayor Charles Hanna and Mayor Edd King. My first office was in the basement near the Old Jail. That is what I call starting at the bottom.

1983-1984 - Mt. Pleasant City Council - Mayor Edd King.

January 1993 - December 1999 - Mayor.

Good memories of my endeavors and experience in dealing with people and things during my journey through Old City Hall shall linger with me forever. Thanks to the citizens of Mt. Pleasant who gave me the privilege to serve.

Generally, changes for us old folks are difficult and a bit hazy to understand and/or to accept, but as time moves on - so do things, and I am confident the folks serving in the new City Hall will serve us with pride and honor as has been done since 1936. So not goodbye, but so long to Old City Hall, you have done us well.


Stanley E. Hill, former mayor

Mt. Pleasant