5 graduate from MP Christian School

By Grace King, Mt. Pleasant News


As the five graduating students from Mt. Pleasant Christian School?s Class of 2018 received their diplomas Saturday, May 26, they encouraged one another to stay strong in their faith in God and pursue truth.

Tears were shed, and hugs lingered as the close-knit Mt. Pleasant Christian School community congratulated graduates and ushered them into their future with well-wishes.

?Now it?s time to go out into the real world and be who you made us,? Salutatorian Bradley Coop said to friends and family in the audience after thanking them for their hard-work, dedication and sacrifice that enabled them to be successful students.

Valedictorian Ellie Rynders thanked teachers and parents for teaching the students how to differentiate truth from deception.

Rattling off statistics true and false, Rynders pointed out that they might sound factual at first but are all misleading and cannot be called truth.

?When it comes to lies that seem true, philosophies that seem good, worldly wisdom that comes from all angles, how do we sort out what is right and true?? Rynders said. ?What the world has to offer is often misleading and not as good as it seems. If you?re not careful, the deception of the world, motivated by the love of money, fame or temporary happiness, will lead you down the path of self-destruction.?

Ending on a note of encouragement, Rynders urged her fellow classmates to pursue Jesus, saying that the Bible spells out the answer in overcoming the world.

?In 10 years we may not remember the quadratic formula, but we will all remember Bible class reminding us that the things of this world perish and choosing God over the world is what really matters,? Rynders said.

Commencement speaker and English teacher Jean Situmeang continued uplifting students in their pursuit of truth after high school compelling them to participate in the conversation of this world.

Calling the graduates her ?fake kids,? Situmeang reminded them of the conversations they had with her in the classroom, from discussing Anne Frank to Benjamin Franklin, A. W. Tozer and Mark Twain.

?It was my goal this year to encourage you to write effectively, to speak logically and to read and think critically,? Situmeang said. ?It has been my desire to help prepare you to be successful participants in the ongoing conversation.?

Situmeang said that the graduates parents and teachers have provided them a solid biblical foundation on which to build their own home. Now, it is their turn to uphold truth in a day of ?apostasy (and) ignorance.?

?Persevere,? Situmeang said. ?It will be hard work ? You are part of God?s plan.?