2020 Presidential hopeful John Delaney meets with Henry County Democrats

By Gretchen Teske, Mt. Pleasant News


Congressman John Delaney met with Henry County Democrats Friday, April 6 to discuss his bid for the 2020 presidential candidacy.

Delaney, a New Jersey native, was elected to office in 2012 and has served as the representative for Maryland since 2013. He is a graduate of Columbia and Georgetown Law School and a successful entrepreneur. Delaney spent his Friday morning with Henry County democrats to discuss his 2020 presidential campaign, ?A focus on the future?.

?Politics is not a spectator sport anymore,? Delaney opened. ?Progress has been positive, but it just hasn?t been positive for all our citizens.? Delaney criticized the government for not being focused on the future but instead dwelling for too long in the past.

His focus for his campaign is to bring the government and the people together, no matter what political party they register as.

?We?ve never had anything like the divisions we have today where the people put their party above their country and they can?t even agree on facts,? he explains. ?The Democratic Party, the party that cares about the working family, the party that cares about progress, should step up into that void and say we want to lead.?

Uniting the American people is a top priority to Delaney. He says the nation is divided because of a lack of ?upward economic mobility?. He says many members of the nation have been left behind due to inaction.

?We should be the party that wants to bring our country together,? he said.

Delaney says the biggest problem with America is that we have a broken government and a government that does not support the ideals of its citizens. He claims the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program is supported by 90 percent of Americans yet is in jeopardy of dying because of President Donald Trump. He says that having a government that does not listen to the citizens creates a larger problem for the nation.

?We have got to get back to working for the common good of the citizens,? he says. ?If we do that, this country will get back to what it always was, which is a country of opportunity.?

Delaney?s plan is to unite the country by running on the platform that he is for the betterment of all Americans. He says he does not believe in pointing all blame on one party and instead wants to represent the people on their own ideals. He also vows to only practice bipartisan legislation for the first 100 days of his presidency because he wants to prove to the American people he is in office to get the government back to governing.

He plans to prove that statement by calling for the president to debate congress once a quarter.

?You know what we have a problem with in this country, is the truth,? he says. Delaney says the only way to get to the truth is to debate. He wants to see the debate broadcast on national television for citizens to see. His idea is to have the first half of the debate be topical and the second half about any topic Congress chooses.

?It would be open, it would be transparent and the American people would see it,? he says.

He feels this form of debate would be wildly beneficial to the American people because in his opinion, speakers would be more careful with their facts because the American people could watch the broadcast live.

Delaney took time at the end of his session to host a Q and A forum with those attending. He answered questions from the community on the EPA, immigration reform, and universal basic income. The response from those attending was positive and many were supportive of his stops in Iowa.

?That?s a tremendous opportunity for Iowans to get first hand contact with someone who might be president of the United States,? said Dave Helman of Mt. Pleasant.

Delaney promises to lead the country with forward thinking and creating unity within the nation. He says restoring a sense of trust and positive relationship between the citizens and the government will make the difference.

?If we get this right we?ll win every election,? he says. ?But most importantly, we?ll do the right thing for the people of the United States of America.?